Monday, October 27, 2008


In response to an article about cyclist's being banned from a park and ride, the following was posted on

Pocket Ninja: Look. When people don't use oil by choosing to walk or cycle, the demand for oil drops. When the demand for oil drops, so does its value. When the value of oil drops, tensions in the oil-producing countries--most noticeably in the area of the Middle East--rise. When tensions in the Middle East rise, wars start. When wars start in the Middle East, America become involved. When America becomes involved in Middle Eastern wars, colossal screw-ups happen and angry young men Middle Eastern men become radicalized. When angry young Middle Eastern men become radicalized by American screw-ups, they start turning to leaders like Osama bin Laden for inspiration. When they turn to Osama bin Laden for inspiration, 9-11 happens.

Nobody should be taking the side of these cyclists and walkers. The bastards caused 9-11.

Prevention is key. Off to the Hummer dealer!

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