Saturday, October 4, 2008

I blame Scott.

I used to ride a lot. I even used to work doing bike assembly. That was well over a decade ago. Last February I went up to see a great friend in Seattle. He had been doing a lot of biking and mentioned that a group he rides with did a weekly Slow Sunday ride. The hotel I was staying at had loaner bikes, so I went along. Note: Riding a poorly maintained hotel loaner bike 30 miles in Seattle after not cycling for 16 years is not generally recommended. It fucking hurts! But... I had a smile on my face the entire way. I was still smiling (though unable to walk) the next day. I missed being on a bike. Here is Scott's post on the ride.
Since that ride I have invested in a new bike and have been playing around with bits and pieces to make it my own. I ride as much as I can, usually with my son in tow on a ride along. This will be my outlet for all stuff bikey and otherwise. Enjoy.

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