Monday, March 16, 2009

Lotus 3000R Update

I made a couple changes to the Lotus over the past week or so. The big one is that I swapped out the handlebars for the drops that were originally on my Salsa. The 'Short and Shallow' bar is wider and more comfortable than the drop bar from the Lotus. What can I say... I have a wide stance. The width caused an unexpected issue with the brake cable length, so those got swapped out too.

So far: tires, tubes, cables, seat (re-use), handlebars (re-use), clipless pedals, and a seatpost bag for spare and tools. (Not too bad overall)

If I could change one thing that I did on it so far, I would have put tires with reflective sidewalls on it.

I think I am done working on this one for a while. It has been a pretty fun bike puttering around the neighborhood, but now I need to take it out on a longer ride.

Back to the other bikes...


Anonymous said...

I have a Lotus 3000R identical in frame color to your own. Bought it new many years ago. I want to restore it, but am at a loss regarding replacement of the Weimann 2115 rims (27x1.25). I'm a 225 pounder and would like heftier rims and tires, if possible. Any advice appreciated. Jack McG, West Chester, PA

CrowMolly said...

Hey Jack! I'm not sure it would be worthwhile to just replace the rims. You may want an new set of wheels, or to have the ones on there trued up (which would be the cheaper option). Take them in to a (good) local bike shop and have them checked out.

As to the tires, I have Continental City Rides on my other road bike and have really enjoyed them. Sheldon Brown also has a great page on tire sizing (

I would love to hear how it goes. Drop me an update or a link with some pics!

Anonymous said...

I think that is my bike! How did it end up in Oregon?



Ken L said...

I have that same bike as well. Same color and everything. Got it at Sears in about '91, '92. I haven't changed a thing on it. May ride it on a couple of triathlons this year.